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Get Creative With Arts And Crafts

Cutting Out Shapes

Your child will learn hand - eye coordination, as well as proper safety techniques, while handling scissors when they cut out various shapes during each arts and crafts session.

Learning To Paint

You may never realize how much you enjoy painting until you try it! Each child will be given an assortment of bright, beautiful colors to create their very own unique masterpiece.  

Creating Holiday Decor

With each month comes a new, exciting holiday. What better way to celebrate than to hang your child's ornament on the Christmas Tree, or put their newest Easter decoration out for family and friends to see?

Other Activities Include:




Creativity is the freest form of self-expression.


Draw family, friends, and even pets during these fun classes.

Learn to distinguish between each color - the fun way!

Put ordinary items together to create something new.

Part of our daily learning process involves nurturing each child's creativity and allowing them to blossom in whichever way they see fit. This may include painting, drawing, coloring, and more. Watch your child's creativity take shape today.