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Explore Early Child Development

Proper Table Etiquette

While your child may be receiving this type of training at home, it will also be reinforced while they are in our care. The importance of saying please and thank you, as well as other table manners will be covered.

Learn To Share

Each child will learn how important sharing is to maintain a happy relationship with friends while they are with us, as well as with siblings or other family members when they are at home.

Listening Skills

With proper listening skills, a child can create a pleasant, stress-free environment for themselves and everyone around them. Watch as your child's listening skills improve with each passing week.

Other Activities Include:

Taking Turns


Problem Solving

Process and solve day to day problems in creative new ways.


Planting, Growing, Learing Science and having fun in the garden!

Be courteous to one another by taking turns with toys and more.

Discuss atmospheric changes and its effect on our world.

You won't have to worry about your child losing all of their early childhood development skills once they leave your home. Take comfort knowing they will learn table etiquette, sharing, listening, problem solving, and more when they are with us.

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