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Preparing Each Child for Kindergarten

Preparing for Kindergarten

4 & 5 year olds are beginning to practice writing their names, alphabet, sight words, numbers and shapes, and given homework to practice at home.  

Learn The Alphabet

Now they know their A-B-C's! Each child will be taught the alphabet in an exciting way, enabling them to fully retain the information for the future. You'll love the progress you see after each and every day!

Embrace A New Language

Mastering a second language must begin at a young age, so why not start during the pre-school years? Each language session teaches your child the basics, allowing them to expand their vocabulary.

Other Activities Include:




Learn about each color and how they are present in daily life.


Beginning reading, sight and Raibow words, and exciting books.

Discuss atmospheric changes and its effect on our world.

The addition of pre-math skills will aid in future success.

What you teach your child in the home is important, and we want to make sure that teaching is enriched while they are with us during the day. Call Wee Care Children's Learning Center today to learn more about our educational strategies.


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