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Preparation For Kindergarten

Meals Included

Your child will receive two FREE snacks - one for the morning and one for the afternoon - as well as a FREE lunch. Each meal is nutritious and served with fruits, proteins, grains, and milk.

20+ Years Of Experience

As a member of PACE, you'll find that your child is always welcome at Wee Care Children's Learning Center with open arms. Trust our 20+ years of experience to deliver only the best pre-kindergarten education.

Government Assistance

Your child shouldn't be denied entry into Wee Care Children's Learning Center due to financial hardship. We accept subsidized programs such as GAIN, RCOE, GRG, TNAF, NACCRA, and DPSS.

Daily Activities Include:



Problem Solving

Process and solve day to day problems in creative new ways.

Fun Activities

We offer a range of exciting activities like music and painting.

Swing, climb, and run with friends on our playground.

The addition of pre-math skills will aid in future success.

Get your child ready for Kindergarten and beyond with assistance from Wee Care Children's Learning Center. Click here to view our registration schedule and prices, or call to learn more about our daily schedule and activities.

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